Degrees and Certificates

While each undergraduate degree option has a different emphasis, they share many of the same core requirements. Our School provides many options; we encourage you to explore them. 

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Designed for students looking for in-depth training in computer systems, including specializations in intelligent systems, data and search, systems, programming languages, and foundations of computer science

Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Designed for students whose primary interest is in exploring how technology can be used to fuel discoveries and innovations in another discipline, such as science, business, or fine arts

Accelerated Master’s Program in Computer Science

A dual-degree program that combines the B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Computer Science into a single five-year curriculum

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Administered by the College of Arts & Sciences, this degree is ideal for students who want to blend computer science studies with liberal arts and doesn't include a specialization.