Master of Library Science Requirements

Degree requirements for: Spring 2015 | Fall 2013 | Pre-Fall 2013

M.L.S. requirements as of Spring 2015

The program requires 36 credit hours of coursework and a digital literacy requirement.

You can also expand your expertise and career possibilities with a dual degree or specialization.


Complete one course from each of the foundation areas below.

Assist and educate users, and develop and manage collections of information resources (3 cr.)

Represent and organize information resources (3 cr.)

Manage and lead libraries and other information organizations (3 cr.)

Use research effectively (3 cr.)

Deploy information technologies in effective and innovative ways (3 cr.)
Courses in this list that are also M.I.S. requirements can count for both requirements.

Internship (3 cr.)

  • Z605 Internship in Library and Information Science
    Must complete 18 ILS graduate credit hours before taking Z605. An approval form is required. Students in some dual degree programs can be approved (or may be required) to take two internships. Most MLS degrees can only have one internship. If you do a specialization that requires an internship, your MLS foundation requirement (Z605) can be replaced with a MLS elective.

ELECTIVES (18 cr.):

  • M.L.S. electives must be ILS courses. Choose among:
    • Any 500- or 600-level ILS course
    • ILS workshops (often 1.5 cr.), offered via Z603. These workshops focus on practical, professional skills. You can count up to 6 credits of Z603 toward your degree.
    • ILS topics courses on professional issues, offered via Z604 and Z629
    • Z601 Directed Readings (1–6 cr.) or Z602 Directed Research (1–3 cr.). Each is a one-on-one course with a faculty member and requires a course approval form.

Grade Requirement

A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) is required for graduation.
Courses in which you receive a grade lower than C (2.0) will not count toward requirements for any ILS degree. An elective course in which an unacceptable grade is earned either must be repeated or another course must be taken in its place. Repeating a course in which you received an unacceptable grade or taking another in its place does not remove the credit points for that course from your cumulative GPA. All grades received in ILS courses will be counted in the ILS and IU GPA.