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Tuition and Fee Rates

Indiana University is committed to keeping its degrees affordable for in-state and out-of-state students.  We encourage you to review the Office of the Bursar's listing of Tuition & Fees and Mandatory Fees. To determine approximate enrollment costs, use the Tuition Estimator by selecting the term, residency, level, program and number of hours to estimate the cost of tuition and associated fees. For international students, the Office of International Services outlines the Tuition & Fees for international students.

*Anticipated Cost is a projected out-of-pocket cost for tuition and fees for a degree completed in 2 academic years (6 total semesters) for those admitted in Fall 2017.

Online M.S. in Data Science: The anticipated total cost of the degree should be approximately $21,000. This is made possible by a Data Science Scholars Fellowship which is meant to offset tuition costs by roughly 50%. The only mandatory fee associated with the Online program is the Distance Education Fee at Indiana University. For each online course, a fee of $90 is applied.

Residential M.S. in Data Science: The residential Master's degree offers additional experiences to enrich your graduate education. Please see an estimated out-of-pocket cost per year for in-state and out-of-state/International students.

Hybrid M.S. in Data Science: The first 12 hours will be at the online (distance education) rate (see above "Online M.S. in Data Science"). The final 18 hours will be at the residential rate (see above "Residential M.S. in Data Science").