Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are the GRE and TOEFL Required?

    The GRE is required for all MS in Data Science degree programs, however applicants who have completed another graduate degree and/or have relevant work experience can apply to waive this requirement. If you have extensive work experience of 5+ years and/or hold an advanced degree in an applicable science field, you may request consideration for a GRE Waiver. Please email our Program Directors at  with your most recent resume and scanned copies of your transcripts. You will be notified once a decision is made. If you are not eligible for a waiver, please send official GRE scores via ETS. Our School code is 1324.

    The TOEFL is required for admission and we look for a minimum score of 100. English proficiency is very important for all graduate programs. Effective August 1, 2016, Data Science no longer accepts IELTS scores

  • What is the departmental code for reporting TOEFL and GRE?

    To report GRE and TOEFL, you should only need the Institution Code of 1324 for Indiana University. If you would like to use a departmental code we recommend 0404 for Information Science.

  • How do I report the GMAT?

    The GMAT is not directly reported to the Data Science program. We recommend submitting your official scores to the IU Kelley School of Business and sending a pdf of the score report to This allows for the scores to be officially reported to the University but also allows us to process the test scores in a timely fashion.


  • What sort of background is required for the program?

    There is no specific background or undergraduate degree required for admission to the program. Many of the classes do require familiarity with both statistics and computer programming languages such as Python and R. For more specific requirements about programming language requirements, please contact the Data Science program directors at

  • What is the total duration of the program?

    It is recommended full-time students complete the program in 1.5 to 2 years. Students do have a maximum of five (5) years to complete the program.

  • Can I transfer some courses to count towards the program?

    As a standard practice, we will allow up to nine (9) credit hours to transfer from another program or school. These credits cannot have counted toward another program where you received a degree or certification.

  • Is the program completely online? Or will I have to come to Bloomington at some point?

    The program is completely online, and there is no requirement that online students come to Bloomington during their studies.

  • Does the program offer scholarships or assistantships?

    The School of Informatics and Computing offers the ability to be a temporary hourly instructor or research assistant after the first year of coursework on the Bloomington campus. More information will be provided on these opportunities to admitted students.

    To enquire about prospective internships for the future, please contact the Data Science program directors at

  • Is the program STEM eligible or accredited?

    For purposes of OPT, the Data Science program is STEM eligible. As regulations do sometimes change, we always recommend students discuss the OPT application with an advisor at the IU Office of International Services.

    At this time, we do not know of any particular body that accredits programs for Data Science. Indiana University is a not-for-profit university that is regionally accredited by North Central Association of The Higher Learning Commission.

  • Do we offer conditional admission?

    We do not offer conditional admission to any student. If a student would like to apply for the IU English Intensive program, we would be happy to consider the application once the program is complete. Completion of the IEP program does not guarantee the student will be admitted to the Data Science program.

  • Do we have a dual degree program?

    At this time, we do not have any dual degree programs with other units on campus. We do offer courses approved to count towards the degree in information science, informatics, computer science, and statistics.

  • Do we have a Ph.D. degree?

    We currently do not have an approved Ph.D. in Data Science. We are in the process of submitting the proposal for the degree, but the final approval may not come for a couple of years.

  • Are there any Core classes that are required?

    The MS in Data Science is designed to be flexible and allow for customization by the students to complete the courses of the most interest. See the requirements for the degree. 

    For more information on specializations, please contact our Program Directors at They would be happy to discuss your questions in greater detail via Skype, email, or phone call.

  • Is Financial Documentation required for the application?

    The financial documentation is not part of your application. The Office of International Services strongly recommends that applicants submit their financial documentation using iStart once they have submitted an application. You should be receiving an email from the Office of International Services with instructions on how to set up your iStart account. If you have not received an email from the Office of International Services, email In that email be sure to include your first name, last name, and e-app number. After you set up your iStart account, you will be able to submit the Financial Documentation e-form in iStart. 

    By having your financial documentation uploaded into your iStart account, it will expedite the processing of immigration documents in the event you are admitted to our program and accept the offer of admission. If you have questions about financial documentation, email the Office of International Admissions at Federal regulations require every admitted international student to demonstrate that the student has current resources available to support himself/herself during their first year of study in the United States. Immigration documents will not be issued to any admitted student until the required financial documentation is received by the Office of International Services. See a detailed listing of current estimated expenses for study at IU. We look forward to receiving your supporting materials.
  • Any TEPAIC tips?

    The TEPAIC is a Test of English Proficiency for International Associate Instructor Candidates. A passing TEPAIC score is required for all non-native English speakers in order to be considered for an AI position in the event a position becomes available. Your Academic Advisor and/or Department must give permission for a student to take the TEPAIC. Once your name has been submitted to the TEPAIC Department, you will receive information on what to do next. There will be two English evaluators conducting the TEPAIC. It will be a casual conversation. The English evaluators will be assessing (1) how clearly and fluently you speak; (2) how effective are your interactional communication skills; and (3) how effectively you explain concepts. It may be difficult, but try not to be nervous. Engage in the conversation as you would when speaking with friends.