Master’s Degree Computational and Analytical Data Science Path

30 Credit Hours

The Computational & Analytical path is for students with a strong computer science background who want to dive deep into the mechanics of data science methodologies. Through 15 credit hours of core courses, students will develop a foundational understanding in four areas:

  • Representation and search of data in databases.
  • Algorithmic development and analysis.
  • Algorithmic and theoretical foundations of machine learning and data mining introductory methods of statistics.
  • Foundations of distributed computing as it applies to data analysis and data storage and representation.

Beyond the 18 credit hours of required coursework, students are free to specialize by choosing from amongst dozens of courses that go into deeper detail on highly relevant topics like security, data mining. machine learning, statistics, data systems engineering, and text mining.

Master’s Degree Applied Data Science Path with Specialization

30 Credit Hours

The Applied Data Science path is for students who want to work at the intersection of data science approaches, methods, and real world problems. This requires some experience in programming and quantitative methods, but calculus and heavy computer science are not prerequisites. Students will develop expertise in four areas:

  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Text Mining
  • Data Engineering and Stewardship
  • Visualization and Storytelling

You will also have the opportunity to take specialized courses in the application of data science to areas of interest such as healthcare, cybersecurity, and robotics.

Students can choose 9 credit hours from a designated specialization on top of the 21 credit hours needed to complete the degree requirements.

Online Certificate Data Science

12 Credit Hours

If a Master’s is not the right fit for you, we also offer an accredited and affordable online certificate for technology-oriented working professionals or recent graduates. With a broad range of courses available on topics such as cloud computing, health and medicine, high-performance computing, and data analysis, you can tailor your curriculum to your interests. Students must complete 12 credit hours of online courses selected from the approved course offerings list. Any four courses from the list may be taken for the certificate.