From your first advising session during orientation to your last semester on campus, our faculty and staff will take good care of you, helping you plan your coursesresearch, and more. 

Informatics Students

Each semester as course registration approaches, you will receive an e-mail reminder from the graduate recorder, Linda Hostetter, to e-mail or meet with your advisor. For master’s students, this will be your program director or faculty advisor; for Ph.D. students, your program advisor. Your advisor must sign off on your course plan so the graduate recorder can authorize you for the proper courses.

Computer Science Students

Please consult your faculty advisor for questions.

For Ph.D. student, this will be your Advisory Committee, and later Research Commitee. Before you have a faculty advisory and form your Advisory Committee, please consult the Director of Ph.D. Studies, as well as the Computer Science Graduate Studies Office, for guidance and assistance. Please download the Ph.D. handbook, and print the Ph.D. Timetable and Checklist and Tracking Sheet for your reference.

For MS students, guidance and assistance can be sought from the Director of MS studies and the Computer Science Graduate Studies Office.

Information & Library Science Students

You are assigned to a faculty advisor when you are accepted to the ILS program. Your advisor is listed on your admission letterand are available to help your build your course schedule. Check with your advisor each semester to make sure your course choices match your evolving academic and professional interests. It is possible to request a new advisor as you clarify your interests.

If you are a Masters student, we recommend that you meet with your faculty advisor each semester to plan your courses for the following semester. Your advisor can also help you make sure that you are meeting all of your graduation requirements.

If you are a Ph.D. student, you should meet regularly with your committee chair to discuss your coursework, research, and progress through the program. Course decisions should be approved by your Chair in consultation with your Advisory committee. After you have passed your qualifying exam, you should work closely with your Chair and Research committee as you work on your proposal and dissertation research. You should have a copy of the current Ph.D Handbook.