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What can you do with a degree in informatics or computer science? More than you can imagine. To take just one example, imagine a company wanted to create the next Facebook—only newer and better. To make it happen, they’d need to hire:

  • People to research it to prove there is a need
  • People to conceptualize it and figure out what it would do
  • People to build, develop, and create it
  • People to make it look good
  • People to market it so that it attracts investors and customers
  • People to maintain and enhance it once people start using it
  • People to respond to users’ problems, complaints, and suggestions
  • People to manage the whole process

In our increasingly digital economy, informatics and computer science graduates drive innovation in every industry—from coming up with big ideas for combating global warming to writing the iPhone apps that monitor your home energy consumption while you’re at work.