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Step 1: Decide if Graduate School is Right for You

Graduate school is expensive, so it is important to give careful thought and consideration to whether or not to (and when to) attend. Even just the testing and application process can be pricey, so the more forethought you can give your decision, the better off you will be. Ask yourself the following questions before making the decision to pursue an advanced degree.

  • Have you spent some time really thinking about YOUR vision for your future?
  • Are your career goals well defined? 
  • Are you sure that attending a particular program is the correct path to that particular career?
  • Do you need an advanced degree for the career you aspire to?
  • Have you done some “hands-on” work in your field of choice that has exposed you to the realities of the field?
  • Do you have enough experience to make a graduate degree helpful to obtaining employment after graduate school?
  • Are you prepared for the rigor of graduate study?
  • Are you excited about the prospect of being a student for several more years?
  • Can you manage the expense of a graduate education, including the year(s) of income you will lose?

If you can’t honestly answer “yes” to the questions above, this might not be the best time for you to pursue an advanced degree. If you’re struggling with any of these questions, please contact Career Services.