Career Services

Recruiting Policies

The School of Informatics follows the National Association of Colleges and Employers Principles for Professional Conduct in Student Hiring.

Recruiting Policies

Extending Offers
We ask that employers convey decisions to candidates within a reasonable time frame and communicate that time frame to candidates. As a general rule, employers should give students a minimum of two weeks from the date the offer is made to make their decision.

If employers make full-time offers at the end of the summer to their interns, we ask that they give them until November 15th so that these students may participate in full-time on-campus recruiting during the fall semester.

Exploding Offers
Exploding offers are unacceptable. Employers are expected to refrain from exerting any undue pressure on candidates to accept a job offer. Exploding offers (offers that do not afford a candidate the appropriate time to either accept or decline) put enormous pressure on students to make a decision before they have completed the interviewing process.

Rescinded Offers
If conditions change and require your company to rescind an offer made to a student, we ask that you call the Informatics Career Service Office prior to taking any action. If after discussions with Informatics Career Services, the offer is rescinded, we ask that you pursue a course of action for the affected candidate that is fair and equitable, including (but not limited to) financial assistance and outplacement services.

Consistent unfair treatment of students has the potential to result in the following:
  • Placing the company on probation
  • Placing the name of the company on our internal website to denote unfair practices
  • Potential ban of recruiting activities

Student Reneges
We encourage students to immediately release offers they do not plan to accept, prior to accepting them. A student renege on an accepted offer is considered a serious breach of our recruiting policies. If this situation occurs, it receives immediate attention and actions taken can include revoking the student’s access to career services, among other actions.