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Whatever career you’re considering, a working knowledge of informatics—the application of technology—will come in handy (and look great on your resume). For two of the required five courses for this minor, you can choose among a long list of informatics electives that cover topics like artificial life, multimedia art, data mining and management, interaction design, bioinspired computing, business application development, telecommunication, and systems design and implementation—making the minor as relevant to your career goals as possible.

Requirements are listed in the School of Informatics and Computing undergraduate academic bulletin. Students should pursue the requirements of the year that they entered IU. The requirements outlined in the academic bulletin in effect at the time of your matriculation will remain the same throughout your time at the School of Informatics and Computing, assuming you graduate within eight years. Check the list of academic bulletins below to find the version you should use.

If you want more informatics-related experience than this minor offers, check out the Certificate in Informatics.