Student Life

Student Ambassadors

Our student ambassador program is a part of the STARS (Students & Technology in Academia, Research & Service) Computing Corps, which is a national organization dedicated to building and preparing a more diverse national computing workforce for the 21st century. Our ambassadors take part in a variety of activities related to community outreach, current IU student retention, and recruiting of current and prospective IU students.

  • Goals

    • Recruit and retain under-represented populations in post-secondary computing programs and increase awareness of computing disciplines and careers.
    • Bridge student readiness for computing and increase the number of undergraduates who enter computing graduate school or the workforce.
    • Sustain and institutionalize effective BPC practie.ces at alliance institutions.
    • Disseminate and increase national awareness of effective BPC practices.
  • Prospective Students

    If you are interested in learning more about what student life is like here in the School of Informatics and Computing or if you have any questions that you would like answered, please email  
  • Current IU Students

    Show Your School Spirit: be an Ambassador. Web sites are great, but for the real scoop on what it is like at a school, everyone knows you have to talk to students. Our undergraduate ambassadors give their take on our school to high schoolers, parents, and current IU students. They mentor new students, host visiting students, and attend recruiting and open house events all while building the communication and leadership skills that employers love. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, contact Natalie Edwards, Associate Director of Undergraduate Recruiting, at

Below are the current school ambassadors. If you have any questions or want to learn more about their majors, minors, specializations, or cognates be sure to send them an email.