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School of Informatics and Computing


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Here’s the scoop: Most of our incoming freshmen enroll in the University Division and are later certified into the School of Informatics and Computing. But if you qualify and are selected for direct admission, you can bypass this certification, enter the school your first semester at IU, and have even more opportunities to make friends, get to know our faculty, get a scholarship, and start shaping the future of technology.

What to Do
  1. When you apply to IU, list your intended major as either the B.S. in Computer Science or the B.S. in Informatics. (The B.A. in Computer Science is technically awarded through the College of Arts and Sciences.)
  2. Make sure your completed application is on file with the IU Bloomington Office of Admissions by November 1.
  3. If you’re admitted to IU and meet the initial eligibility criteria, you’ll receive a Selective Scholarship Application (SSA) in your admission packet. Complete and return the SSA by the specified date.

We’ll use the SSA as your application for direct admission. We’re looking for students who have demonstrated leadership skills; who have competitive grades, SAT or ACT scores, and class rank; and who plan to use technology in their future.

Questions? Contact us.