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Indiana University Bloomington

School of Informatics and Computing


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Prospective Students


Fascinated with technology? Big plans for what you’ll do with it? You’re in the right place.

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Our students are tomorrow’s technology leaders. The reason is simple but challenging: we encourage them to imagine what technology can do and teach them how to make it happen.

Perhaps you want to create computer animation that blows Avatar out of the water. Use massive amounts of data to generate ideas for slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Design the next generation of hand-held devices, or write their sleek yet super-sophisticated software. Thwart hackers gunning for top-secret info. Understand the genetic properties of cancer and develop drugs to treat it. Conduct a computer-generated symphony. Launch the next Facebook or Twitter. Dream up the new big tech idea that revolutionizes the business world and society.

Check out our Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Computing and see all the fantastic ideas students are generating!

Whatever you want to do, we’ll help you take the next steps. Our undergraduate and graduate programs cover the spectrum of technological knowledge and capabilities, teaching you to work in teams and across disciplines to address today’s challenges and problems far down the road.

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