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Indiana University Bloomington

School of Informatics and Computing


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Core Faculty | Adjunct Faculty

Antolovic, Danko Adjunct Lecturer dantolov
Baik, Mu-Hyun Adjunct Associate Professor
Barnard, John M. Adjunct Professor
Beggs, John M. Adjunct Assistant Professor
Blythe, James Adjunct Lecturer
Bonk, Curtis Jay Adjunct Professor
Börner, Katy Adjunct Professor
Byrd, Donald A. Adjunct Associate Professor
Callas, Jon Adjunct Research Scientist
Cate, Fred H. Adjunct Professor
Cherbas, Peter T. Adjunct Professor
Clark, Robert Daniel Adjunct Professor
Clemmer, David E. Adjunct Professor
D’Andrea, Vincenzo Adjunct Associate Professor
Dickenson, Markus Adjunct Associate Professor
Doman, Thompson N. Adjunct Associate Professor
Guha, Rajarshi Adjunct Assistant Professor
Gyssens, Marc Luc Adjunct Professor
Hill, Mark

Adjunct Professor of Practice

Holt, Emily Ann Adjunct Lecturer
Huang, Chunfeng Adjunct Associate Professor
Hughes, James Prescott Adjunct Professor
Isaacson, Eric John Adjunct Associate Professor
Jakobsson, Markus Adjunct Associate Professor
Jones, Michael Adjunct Associate Professor
Kirkley, Eugene Adjunct Professor
Kuebler, Sandra Adjunct Associate Professor
Lajiness, Michael Scott Adjunct Professor
Laszewski, Greg Adjunct Associate Professor
Leykin, Alex Adjunct Research Scientist
Lynch, Michael Adjunct Professor
McCarty, David Charles Adjunct Professor
McDonald, Daniel Adjunct Assistant Professor
McMullen, Donald F. Adjunct Professor
Mitchell, C. Thomas Adjunct Associate Professor
Moss, Lawrence S. Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ortiz, Gerardo Adjunct Professor
Ortoleva, Peter J. Adjunct Professor
Patil, Sameer Adjunct Research Scientist
Pierce, Marlon Adjunct Assistant Professor
Rogers, Yvonne Adjunct Professor

Scheutz, Matthias

Adjunct Professor
Sporns, Olaf Adjunct Professor
Stewart, Craig Alan Adjunct Associate Professor
Trosset, Michael Adjunct Professor
Van den Bussche, Jan  Adjunct Professor
Wallace, Steven Adjunct Lecturer
Wernert, Eric Adjunct Assistant Professor
Yeager, Larry S. Adjunct Professor
Yu, Chen Adjunct Associate Professor