M.S. Data Science Courses

The 30-credit program is available on campus, online, or in a blended version with online and in-residence components.

Detail Comparison of Degrees

Credit *** Cost Exams Required Application Deadline
Residential M.S. 30 on campus

(In-State) *

GRE, TOEFL (intl.) January 1
Online M.S. 30 online ~$13,109.00 * GRE (Waiver Available**) June 1
Hybrid M.S. 12 online, then 18 on campus ~$5,243.00
(Residential) *
GRE, TOEFL (intl.) June 1
Certificate 12 online ~$5,243.40 * No June 1

* Valid for Fall 2016.

** The GRE is required for all M.S. in Data Science degree programs. If you have extensive work experience of 5+ years and/or hold an advanced degree in an applicable science field, you may request consideration for a GRE Waiver. Please email our Program Directors at with your most current resume and scanned copies of your transcripts. You will be notified once a decision has been made.

*** Credit and complete time: each course is 3 credits. So for a 30 credit degree, there are 10 courses. Normally it could be 3 per semesters with 1 semester as an internship so the complete time ~1.5 years