Choose from a range of research areas and disciplines so advanced, some of them don’t have names yet.

  • What would you study if you wanted to work with an online environment where artificial intelligence evolves through natural selection and evolutionary algorithms? Complex systems.
  • What degree plan prepares you to build a computer program that offers orchestral accompaniment to a live musical soloist? Music informatics.
  • Where would you find the faculty and computing resources to create a customizable tool for mining approximate functional dependencies in data? Doctoral program in computer science.

This is a school where new discoveries are being made and new disciplines are being invented that you won’t find anywhere else.

Graduate students can look forward to studying in a truly collaborative environment where computer scientists and informaticists are working side by side with biologists, high-performance computing and visualization experts, and library and information scientists

Our graduate degree programs are evolving every year in response to faculty and student research interests. If you don’t see a curriculum that fits your interests, contact one of our graduate program offices to discuss your educational goals in more detail.

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